Drake Bay is a small town of about 1200 individuals. The community is situated between the rainforest and the beach, in some ways it can be considered as Costa Rica's last frontier. Drake Bay has very minimal resources but is growing rapidly with most families settling here just about 40 years ago. The community first received electricity in 2004, they have one health clinic and got a pharmacy and dental clinic last year (2017). While they do have running water, it is not regaled or safe to drink. There are still many needs that have to be met especially with the constant growing population and popularity in tourism. 


LiveGlobally's Commitment

  • lead educational activities
  • bring water filters
  • free yoga classes, 
  • women empowerment programs
  • health, body and mind outreachs
  • create a network of educators and community empowerment
  • classes that focus on building life skills like problem solving, teamwork, sustainability, effective communication and self-reliance.

Families & Education

The typical family experience is one were the mother stays home to take care of the kids and the rest of the family goes to work in tourism-guides, cleaning, cooking. As a result only 5-12 years old actually go to school. 

There is one elementary and a community center for older students. Every once in a while some organization from Costa Rica will provide free classes like English, CPR, nature class, etc.,  but parents are interested in a more sustainable experience for their kids. Many parents would like to have affordable options for extra curricula activities for the kids, especially for English. 

One Elementary School

  • there are about 90 kids
  • very basic education
  • the school is too small for all students and have class int he hallways
  • they do not have enough teachers
  • most of the students start and end school at different times because of the lack of teachers and space
  • there are no substitute teachers, if a teacher is sick they cancel class or leave early
  • there is no potable water

There is no High school

The municipality has bought land to build a high school but nothing in the works as of now. Currently about 140 students that meet in a one-room communtiy space and sperate classed with rolling walls.


Community Outreach

Trista Goforth started Corcovado Kids, a program based out of Drake Bay, Costa Rica that provides classes and enrichment opportunities to the local and international community. The goal is to build and develop an educational community center with a library, weekly enrichment classes, an after-school program, outdoor spaces for sports and activities, and a community garden for families. The plan is that it wold be run by locals and be a place of learning for the community and visitors that also provides a nourishing space for parents and small kids. 

In order to become self sustaiing and generate income, the hope is to offer an internet cafe, daycare, inormationl canter, and a space for retreats.