To maintain a sustainable situation at the Ingrid Education Centre, We are paying the teachers a living wage.


This allows them to continue teaching at the school, and to provide the children with an education. In 2015, LiveGlobally established a Teachers' Fund for the Ingrid Education Centre. Thanks to our sustainers, and Global Breath Studio, we are able to pay all 13 teachers, 2 directors/teachers, the cook and the cleaner a wage that will allow them to support themselves and their families. Please note that we are still about $600 (per month) short to fully finance the fund (which means we have to use our general funds), so please take a moment to chip in!

To find out more about the Ingrid Education Centre staff and how much they are paid, you can download this PowerPoint presentation. Please note that 100 KES = $1

Please join us as a sustainer of the Teachers' Fund! 

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