Through our community mindfulness yoga program we are focusing our efforts to support and empower underserved individuals in our community, and creating happy minds.

Our program teaches children creative self expression as well as promoting positive self regard. We teach effective communication and collaboration in the face of violence, promoting respect and community.

For children, yoga is a great way to enjoy non-competitive physical activity, and it encourages self-esteem and body awareness. A weekly 30-minute mindful MBCY yoga curriculum, focused on non-punitive love and compassion gives children self regulating skills that improve focus, enhances ability to communicate and collaborate in a group, and opens the mind for deeper creativity and resilience to the world around them.

While we don’t yet directly train educators, we invite them to practice with their students and experience slowing down, breathing and observing their own inner peace. The staff at Boys and Girls have shared that the practice of love and compassion has spread throughout the organization and inspired their classrooms to embody deeper kindness and understanding.

What's Next in 2018::

2018 will mark the third year running the children’s program at the Boys and Girls Club of Durham. We offer four 30-minute yoga classes per week year round with two paid lead teachers per class with an occasional volunteer. Our hope is to have a teacher-student ratio of 1:3, as we have found direct attention during these classes is highly effective .

Our yoga curriculum foundation is MindBody Centering Yoga theory, a trauma-sensitive yoga Institute, that trains yoga teachers to support and empower individuals. Our class allows the children to access and integrate all aspects of their body with the goal to self regulate from calm and the potential of their empathic identity from their weekly mindfulness yoga body/mind practice .

The MBCY program will, also, continue to commit to mentoring yoga teachers, and hopefully soon, directly train educators, and provide direct support. As this type of teaching is living, in order to honor and meet every child where they are in their growth, we hold weekly check-ins and one monthly meeting with Nina Be,  yoga therapist and director of MBCY, and/or Melanie Hester, Children’s Yoga Master Teacher, to stay resilient and relevant.

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