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nourishment for the body, mind and heart

Get to know us.


nourishment for the body, mind and heart

Get to know us.

Our Roles

LiveGlobally provides a source of mindful networking that can call out to the greater community of resources from populations that may have become dis-enfranchised or impoverished. Our assessment paradigm targets the basic needs of health and happiness such as clean water, sustainable non-gmo food, safe environments for learning and skill building that are requested by the unique environment of each community.  We learn to care and prioritize according to the evidence of shared experience.  As an example, when assessing our friends in Nairobi, we live, eat, sleep, bathe, and learn within the community.  Through sharing conversations and struggles, we have come to understand that there is a standard of biological wealth needed to sustain and support thriving.

Our ethos is kindness and compassion in service::

We value... 

  • the effect of cumulative openness; transparency = trust

  • the Innate nobility of respect for all beings; quality of presences

  • commitment for professionalism; equal sharing

Board of Directors


Nina Be :: Founder & Co-Director

Nina Be (MA, MEd, E-RYT-500, NCC) is the Director of MindBody Centering Yoga. She is a Somatic Psychologist, spiritual activist, yoga therapist, writer/poet, restaurateur, artist and performer, who has been mentoring, teaching, choreographing and designing wellness programs internationally for over 35 years. Her successful RYT 200/300/500/1000-hour Yoga Therapy Certification Programs of MindBody Centering Yoga are offered in Durham, North Carolina.  

As the Founder of LiveGlobally, her vision of quelling children’s global poverty through the practice of mindful yoga in community has begun by supporting the building of a school in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, for the Ingrid Children Education Centre.

Maurice Werness ND.

As a child, Maurice was broken... open. It took him a long time to realize the gift of this: it allows him the ability to feel the suffering of others. It gave him access to a resource that propelled him to a career as a professional athlete and ultimately on the journey of self healing that lead him to naturopathic medicine.

As a naturopathic physician, Maurice is tasked with the possibility of understanding forces of nature and how they might be engaged to facilitate healing. He is humbled and honored to have this privilege as a profession. And so LiveGlobally is a natural extension of his own healing.  

He recently created a company, Fermanna, that seeks to bring the power of fermented nutrition to malnourished children. He lives in downtown Durham with his beloved wife, Lisa, their boy Eli Ashagre (adopted from Ethiopia, age 7, the gift of our life), two cats, and big butterball bull mastiff named Gaia.

Katelyn Daly :: TREASURE(R)

Katie is a nature-loving yogi with a strong enthusiasm for global health. Katie works as a Registered Nurse at Duke University Hospital. She received her Bachelors of Science degree from University of Massachusetts, specializing in Nursing and minoring in Psychology and Community Health. Katie's zeal for traveling, combined with her dedication to global health, has led her across the globe. Her ambition to gain more knowledge and experience other cultures took her to Thailand, where she volunteered teaching English to children and adults. After happily landing at Global Breath Studios for her yoga instructor training, Katie quickly became interested in the efforts of LiveGlobally. LiveGlobally's mission to promote and inspire individual well being and sustainability parallel with Katie's core ethical values. Katie gratefully accepted to an invitation to join LiveGlobally's board of advisers. Katie will also be accomplishing a long time dream of hers to travel to Africa at the end of this year by joining other board members in a trip in to visit The Ingrid Education Centre in Kenya this December.



Pablo Robles

Admin: Comms & Org Development 

As Public Anthropologist and Digital Marketing Consultant, and now a Yogi, Pablo specializes in media outreach and organizational development, aka a professional bridge builder between taking an idea and turning into an action. His work has involved targeting healthy, sustainable habits and figuring out how to implement them in various communities in as many creative ways as possible; i.e. art, youth modules, working networks, various cultural and educational events, and yoga classes.

His passions thrives from being part of a movement that pushes for action and works together in order to motivate, engage, and listen. He believes that in order to grow and truly have compassion for all, we need to continue promoting love and inspiring sustainable habits.

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Cory MacPherson

Admin: Finance & Secretary 

Through poetry, Cory was able to realize and voice her experience as an Asian American adoptee. While earning her MFA at UNC-Greensboro, she worked as program coordinator and teacher for Write On! Greensboro, a non-profit dedicated to making space for creative expression for marginalized communities. Her thesis Echo and Instrument contemplated issues such as estrangement, inclusivity, exoticism as difference, and silence. 

Upon graduating from UNC-Greensboro 2015, Cory moved to Durham, where she completed her MindBody Centering Yoga teacher training. She has continued to work with marginalized communities as MBCY teacher and program coordinator, connecting children across the globe through art, love, creativity, self-respect.




Bart was born in the US, but grew up in Europe, creating a somewhat global perspective, and understanding that even though we may appear to be different form one another, we are all part of the same family. He has always been a very sensitive and compassionate being. Wanting to help alleviate suffering in other sentient beings, he became a vegetarian at a young age, and has long been looking for ways in which he can support others through his skills, abilities and resources. Mostly though he felt overwhelmed by the suffering of the world, and uncertain how he could make a difference.

When the Ingrid School community landed in his life, he finally found a project that feels manageable and personal. His visit to the Ingrid School in 2013 really opened his heart, and he left with a clear commitment to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with his brothers and sisters on the other side of the planet.

In his day-to-day life, he is a Yoga teacher, Yoga therapist, and Mindfulness Coach. This allows him to share the practices of self awareness, compassion, loving kindness, empowerment and generosity with many beings. He has been 'his own boss' for almost 20 years, and seem to be pretty good at running small organizations and working closely with others.

Oh, and he is really good at headstands. 

Advisory board

Lilian Kerongo

Lilian was born and raised in Kenya. She has spent half her life in Kenya and half in the USA. She is a process engineer by profession working for Burt’s Bees developing natural personal care products. Her passion is helping the under privileged in society to achieve their goals in whichever way she can. It’s also her way of giving back to the community/country she loves.

She is passionately referred to as the mother of the Ingrid children by Nina and Douglas since she discovered them 4 years ago and have been their unofficial spokesperson promoting their cause to anyone who cares to listen to her. The Ingrid children won her heart at first sight and as such have a special place in her heart. She is excited to join hands with everyone in the LiveGlobally community to support the Ingrid children in their pursuit of education to be responsible members of the community. Lilian has 3 children and lives in Holly Springs with her husband, Amos.


Anne Jones

Anne is a pediatric nurse, a committed yogi, and an elephant lover. With imminent travel to Africa for work, she has elected to be on the Board of Advisers for the LiveGlobally organization in it's commitment to helping build the Ingrid Education Centre in Matopeni, and to help the people there build themselves up, in the hope that they can establish a sustainable community that will promote education, health and well being for all. She believes that her relationship with Nina Be and Bart Westdorp has not only been to grow her yoga practice but to give her the opportunity to support a community of people in need. She is grateful to be able to help to make a difference.


After traveling the world (where people can afford to see dance) as a dancer, then working as a hair stylist (to those who can afford one)... Glen found himself searching for something to feed his soul. He turned to yoga, meditation, and Buddhist teachings. Although grateful for his talents, he felt the need to find a way to give back. After meeting Nina and Bart at Global Breath Studio, they opened a door to giving back by introducing him to LiveGlobally. He is happy to be helping children, as he has two of his own and can't imagine them going without.




Past Events

Past Events

Interested in hosting or sponsoring an event to support LiveGlobally? Contact us!

Global GLAM Gala :: OCT 17, 2015

This breathtaking gala evening was held at 21c, Durham's premiere museum hotel.

Enjoy luscious food and drink by the Counting House while surrounded by aerial performers, stilt walkers, delightful musicians, and film installations. As you circulate, meet other fabulous folks and jostle over our elegant silent auction items.

Featuring performances by Kate Studwell, Michelle Randolph, Victoria Whisenhunt, Abby Hylton, Greg Whitt, Rob Chamberlain, Marit Nelson, Lynn Lyle, Ericka Lee, ShaLeigh Dance Works, ShaLeigh Comerford, Nina Be, Aubrey Griffith-Zill, Mindy Reaves, Majid Bastani, Isabelle Louise Frame, Trevor Helms, Lexie Ovenden, Megan Rindoks, Martin Sueldo, Victoria Wong, and Catherine Howard.

All proceeds from the event support LiveGlobally, a Durham-based 501(c)(3) which focuses on bringing together our communities (near and far) to increase awareness of our interconnectedness as a global family.

Shop for a Cause at Athleta :: AUGUSt 22, 2015 

Needing new yoga or athletic wear? Don't go shopping just yet!

Come shop at Athleta in Southpoint Mall between 12 pm - 4pm on Saturday August 22. When you mention LiveGlobally at checkout, 10% of your entire purchase will go to LiveGlobally! #ShopForACause

Where:   AthletaIThe Streets at Southpoint  I  6910 Fayetteville RoadI  Durham, NC 27713


The LiveGlobally Global Breath Yoga Mala Celebration was a fundraiser to directly support the Ingrid Education Centre Teachers’ Fund. Featuring 108 sun salutations depicting our passion for the well-being of all children, accompanied by amazing drummers from the International community to which we belong, clips from the stunning Knowing by Heart documentary, a spirited discussion with Douglas Monene (director of the Ingrid Education Centre), and shared delectable food.

During the 108 sun salutations, Trenga Rhythms, including Diabel Diom and many more Senegalese drummers, accompanied us to help keep the energy of the room up!




In September 2014, in celebration of the International Day of PeaceGlobal Breath Studio organized their 4th annual Global Breath Yogathon, uniting studios across the Triangle to raise awareness for those in need. 

During the Global Breath Yogathon, we collected donations for LiveGlobally, which supports the Ingrid Education Centre, as a celebration of our global community. All classes and events were by donation and all the proceeds went to creating a Teachers' Fund to insure a living wage for all teachers at the Ingrid Education Centre.

Our sincerest thanks to Julie Realon, Blue Lotus, Olynda Smith of Wild Heart Yoga, Emily Cook, Cheryl Diegel, Suzanne Faulkner, Shaleigh Comerford, and Ricky Nelson for making this event possible!



In September 2013, during the International Day of Peace, LiveGlobally organized their 3rd annual Global Breath Yoga Mala, uniting studios across the Triangle to raise money and awareness for those in need. 

Thank you Tracey Oliveto  & Gregg Whitt, Keval Kaur Khalsa, Mindy Reaves, Carrington Jackson & Jill Sockman at Blue Lotus in Raleigh, and Carly Coughlin & Vault Yoga in Raleigh for making this such a successful event! 



In September 2012, during the International Day of Peace, LiveGlobally organized their 2nd annual Global Breath Yoga Mala, uniting studios across the Triangle to raise money and awareness for those in need. 

Thank you Hillsborough Yoga, Evolve Movement, MindBody Centering Yoga, Patanjali's Place, Triangle Youth Ballet, and Blue Lotus for making this such a successful event! 



To celebrate Earth Day on Friday, April 20th, Global Breath Studio organized a Flash Mob at the Planet Earth Celebration event in downtown Raleigh.  It was a wonderful opportunity to show some yoga poses to the general public and get the word out about LiveGlobally.  We thank Burt's Bees for the samples donated to us to give out to the public.



On October 15th, Global Breath Studio hosted a Yogathon in Durham's Central Park to help raise money and awareness for the Ingrid Education Centre.  Visit the link below to see one of the great write-ups we received for the event: