Our vision continues to improve the lives of individuals through education, nutrition, creative self-expression, increase awareness of global interconnectedness, provide stewardship of the earth's resources, and support children in need.

What we do to build communities…

From a holistic global approach, LiveGlobally creates substantial support for under resourced communities to become self sustaining. We build a foundation of trust by co-creating solutions unique to the core situations that are undermining growth for the people involved. By educating the children in a community new paradigms of hope and prosperity, strength and empowerment are seeded for long term growth and commitment to autonomy.

Our Programs

We work on projects focused on education, sustainability, and art. In collaboration with other organizations and local initiatives, we support communities in Nairobi, Kenya, Durham, NC, and Drake Bay, Costa Rica.

Our primary project is The Ingrid Education Centre, in the Mantopeni slums in Nairobi supporting 300 students and 12 teachers. Working towards self -sufficiency, we financed the school building and land, ensure teachers and staff wages, healthy food, clean  water, sanitary pads, computers and internet.

In Durham, we developed a mindfulness yoga program in collaboration with MindBody Centering Yoga, a local trauma-sensitive curriculum, called “Happy Minds, Healthy Bodies” to  empower individuals to be their ‘best selves’. We have implemented this individualized program at the Boys and Girls Club of Durham over the past 3 years, which incorporates movement, fitness, self expression, and creative writing.


Since 2011, LiveGlobally has funded:

  • over 500,000 lunches at the Ingrid Education Centre in Kenya

  • over 650 locally-made pairs of shoes and school uniforms

  • over 100 community yoga and wellness classes in Durham NC

  • the purchase of land, building materials, and labor for Ingrid Education Centre's 3-story school building

  • over $3000 in arts and education grants for NC-based community projects

  • monthly salaries for 10 teachers and 3 support staff at Ingrid Education Centre

  • repurposing over 20 laptops for 5 classrooms across the globe

  • over 240 wellness & movement classes for NC Women's Correctional Facility

  • planting and maintaining an organic garden for Ingrid's school lunches

  • fostering 4 orphaned baby elephants and 1 rhinoceros from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

  • women's community micro-bank in Matopeni Nairobi Kenya

  • numerous  mindfulness community groups across the globe

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