Our Vision is to...

  • improve individual well-being through education, nutrition, and creative self-expression.

  • increase awareness of our interconnectedness as a global family.

  • provide stewardship of the earth's resources. 

  • give support for children in need.

Since 2011, live globally Has funded:

  • over 500,000 lunches at the Ingrid Education Centre in Kenya

  • over 650 locally-made pairs of shoes and school uniforms

  • over 100 community yoga and wellness classes in Durham NC

  • the purchase of land, building materials, and labor for Ingrid Education Centre's 3-story school building

  • over $3000 in arts and education grants for NC-based community projects

  • monthly salaries for 10 teachers and 3 support staff at Ingrid Education Centre

  • repurposing over 20 laptops for 5 classrooms across the globe

  • over 240 wellness & movement classes for NC Women's Correctional Facility

  • planting and maintaining an organic garden for Ingrid's school lunches

  • fostering 4 orphaned baby elephants and 1 rhinoceros from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

  • women's community micro-bank in Matopeni Nairobi Kenya

  • numerous  mindfulness community groups across the globe

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Meet our team ::



Nina Be (MA, MEd, E-RYT-500, NCC) is the Director of MindBody Centering Yoga. She is a Somatic Psychologist, spiritual activist, yoga therapist, writer/poet, restaurateur, artist and performer, who has been mentoring, teaching, choreographing and designing wellness programs internationally for over 35 years. Her successful RYT 200/300/500/1000-hour Yoga Therapy Certification Programs of MindBody Centering Yoga are offered in Durham, North Carolina.  

As the Founder of LiveGlobally, her vision of quelling children’s global poverty through the practice of mindful yoga in community has begun by supporting the building of a school in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, for the Ingrid Children Education Centre.



Bart was born in the US, but grew up in Europe, creating a somewhat global perspective, and understanding that even though we may appear to be different form one another, we are all part of the same family. He has always been a very sensitive and compassionate being. Wanting to help alleviate suffering in other sentient beings, he became a vegetarian at a young age, and has long been looking for ways in which he can support others through his skills, abilities and resources. Mostly though he felt overwhelmed by the suffering of the world, and uncertain how he could make a difference.

When the Ingrid School community landed in his life, he finally found a project that feels manageable and personal. His visit to the Ingrid School in 2013 really opened his heart, and he left with a clear commitment to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with his brothers and sisters on the other side of the planet.

In his day-to-day life, he is a Yoga teacher, Yoga therapist, and Mindfulness Coach. This allows him to share the practices of self awareness, compassion, loving kindness, empowerment and generosity with many beings. He has been 'his own boss' for almost 20 years, and seem to be pretty good at running small organizations and working closely with others.

Oh, and he is really good at headstands. 



Katie is a nature-loving yogi with a strong enthusiasm for global health. Katie works as a Registered Nurse at Duke University Hospital. She received her Bachelors of Science degree from University of Massachusetts, specializing in Nursing and minoring in Psychology and Community Health. Katie's zeal for traveling, combined with her dedication to global health, has led her across the globe. Her ambition to gain more knowledge and experience other cultures took her to Thailand, where she volunteered teaching English to children and adults. After happily landing at Global Breath Studios for her yoga instructor training, Katie quickly became interested in the efforts of LiveGlobally. LiveGlobally's mission to promote and inspire individual well being and sustainability parallel with Katie's core ethical values. Katie gratefully accepted to an invitation to join LiveGlobally's board of advisers. Katie will also be accomplishing a long time dream of hers to travel to Africa at the end of this year by joining other board members in a trip in to visit The Ingrid Education Centre in Kenya this December.

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